Day 2 in 24in48 Readathon

Hour 27: 
I am almost done with my audiobook - 70%.

Hour 30 Challenge: Share the Shame 
My longest unread book I own is "Frankenstein" by Marry Shelley. I have it since mid 2016.

Hour 33:
 Finished my 2nd book, now onto my 3rd book. It is "Days of Blood and Starlight" - Laini Taylor.

Hour 42 Challenge: My best and worst cover on my shelves.
My best cover is "The Night Circus" - Erin Morgenstern 😍😍😍
My worst cover is "The Chronoliths" - Robert Charles Wilson.

Hour 43:
I did it! I finished #24in48 Readathon!😎😎😎 I would have finished my 3rd book (I am on page 337/464), but I can't, I need sleep. 😪😪😪

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